1. Hidden Waterfalls in Mid & North Wales
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    26 walks/40 pages

    The first guide to the waterfalls of North & Mid Wales (still in print and still available!) gave a brief introduction to the many waterfalls to be found in this area. This book deals with a few of the many remaining more obvious ones, plus some that are a little more obscure. Nevertheless the walks described herein are all wonderful undertakings. A few of these walks are very short whilst some waterfalls can even be seen from the comfort of your car or from a car park. But to hear a waterfall increase in noise as it is approached excites the mind and is part of the adventure. It is better to visit waterfalls during, or immediately after, a period of rainfall, when they will all be at their best. It is very likely that these walks will be done in wet weather, so it is important to wear good walking boots, appropriate clothing and waterproofs. Tree roots become slippery, as do stones, when moisture seems to awaken lichen. Few of these walks venture very high into the mountains, but some do rise above the tree line. These more exposed walks become susceptible to much poorer weather including mist, wind and of course driving rain. On a much brighter note sunny days after a summer rainstorm can also provide a memorable sight, when brown water contrasts strongly with the greenery of the trees. Some walks have picnic tables en route, and these are mentioned in the text. There is often a café or a pub nearby. The walks have detailed descriptions including how to reach the start, a brief resumé and a map. Map references for the start are given as an extra aid to location. Much of the flora around waterfalls is quite rare, as well as being home for amphibious creatures. Please respect their habitat and leave plants and flowers for others to see. All the walks described have been individually checked. The walk into Cwm Idwal includes the highest single drop waterfall in Wales, but this occurs only after a spell of wet weather. This is the spectacular 305 feet high Devil’s Appendix.

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